Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

The bees and the birds...or something similiar..

So people ask why certain bee products are not vegan or do not fit with a vegan lifestyle...

Because, well..bees are just insects and honey is plant based and so on.

Let us start with honey

If honey is vegan because it´s source is a flower, than cow milk would be vegan because it was once grass.

Bees drink from flowers, put the nectar in their stomach, predigest it, put enzymes in it, vomit it back up and give it to the next bee.
After some dozen times of eating and revomiting it, thickening the nectar and changing it with their predigestion into honey it is stored.

Some honey is not directly from flowers, it is the sugary shit from insects which the bees collect from the plants on which those insects sit and sip plant juice like mosquitos sip blood.

And because there is so much sugar in there, they can not use it all, shitting it out and bees and also ants collect the shit.

Bees turn shit into honey, the dark clear kind that is marketed as 'forest honey'.

Pollen  and beebread

Pollen is also collected from flowers and some is hard work to collect so much.

How is pollen won, because the bees will surely not just drop their hard earned protein rich food into a can for the humans to collect?

Well, you make the entrance to the hive too small for the bees to get into, so they loose the big packages of pollen they carry.

Beebread is fermented pollen, literarelly bread for the bees that needed time and effort to be made.

It is collected from the hive.

Gelee Royale

Gelee Royale is the juice that makes queens...literarelly.

To win the juice you need to put the hive in mortal danger, at least, the bees see it that way.
They get massively stressed.

So you take the queen and make them believe they will all die, so they put the worker larvaes into queen cells where they are feed with Queen juice.

Than when the cells are full you cut out the big cells with the larvaes and empty them.
The larvaes are killed, the juice collected.

It is an extremly hard, stressfull time for the hive and bee farmers who at least don´t want to buy new hives each year and care a bit for their bees, do  not collect Queenjuice.


So what you might say, wax is sweated out by the bees and they use it to build up their hive.

Producing wax costs energy and the bees have to eat a lot of fuel to produce wax.

The farmers want clean, new wax, so instead of beeing able to use the same cells for years, the farmers take a couple of times a year the wax plates  with fully built cells and melts them down, giving the bees back single plates where the bees built back their cells.

For one pound wax, the bees need to eat 6 pounds honey.
Normally they would reuse the same cells again and again until they are old and dirty, but that would be more work for the farmer and less wax.

Bees, like other animals are preserving energy, they would not built so much wax into the hive if the farmer wouldn´t take it away every other time.

Bee poison

Bee poison is collected for cosmeticas and medicinal use.

To collect it the bee farmer puts and electrical wire in front of the entrance so the bees are shocked and loose the poison.
Some bees also die than.

Bees also preserve their poison, they only use it when absolutely neccessary and producing the poison also needs energy...logically.


Propolis is medicine, bee antibiotic, used to preserve pollen,make bee bread, cement the corners of the hive and make it antibacterial so no germs can thrive in the wonderfully warm and moist hive.

Without propolis the bees would easily catch funghus, germs and die.

Mice who die in the hive are preserved and wholly coated with Propolis so they do not rot and infect the hive.

Propolis is won by putting a frame into the hive on which the bees coat all edges and splits with propolis.

I do not need to tell you that collecting the stuff needed for Propolis and the production of it, is extremly hard work and time consuming?

And why is it so bad to use bee products?

Well let me paint you a scenario where you can dive into the hivemind...

Imagine yourself with a nice house, a garden, making all the good, organic food yourself, having wonderfull children, a loving husband and top notch health care..

Now someone is blowing fumes into your house, making you think the house is burning..

You and your family flee.

You come back and all your lovely homemade food is gone and in your storage room is only white toast bread and lemonade.-> honey and pollen.

To top it off someone stole your doors and furniture and you need to buy new and even built some of your own.(wax is taken)

Even the walls are damaged and rain and draft is getting into your home. Not to forget the health care you worked so hard for and paid good money is now subsituted with toxic chemicals(Propolis taken)

It doesn´t stop, it happens again and again.

And than some day your partner is gone and with him one of your kids. (the male bees who act as babysitter, feeder and heater are killed because they do not produce honey, the queen larvaes killed for Gelee royale)

Bee farmers...

- Take the food and substitute sugar water and soy flour instead of pollen and honey.
This will lower the health of the hive because those substitutes are never like the real thing.

Farmers will say that bees produce 'much more than needed' but bees never produce too much.
They use up all their storage that isn´t eaten during winter. Either for rainy, cold days, or for the hive to swarm.

Happy bees swarm, bees that fear starvation stay in one hive!

Bee farmers say  that if the bees were not happy they could just fly away, but the opposite is true.
Happy bees will swarm and send a queen with half of the honey and workers away.

The farmer steals honey and kills males and queen larvaes to keep the bees in fear of starvation so they collect honey instead of  producing a new hive.

-Male bees are killed because they do not produce honey.
But male bees feed the larvaes, help in the hive and keep the temperature and humidity on a good level.
Male bees are homeworkers.

Male bees have their purpose in a hive, but for the farmer they are a nuisance.
The male larvae cells are bigger, so the farmer can see where the male larvaes are kept and he cuts the cells away, slicing the larvaes in half or putting them in the garbage.

Because food like honey, pollen and the Porpolis are taken, the health of the bees declines and they get ill easily.
The toxic chemicals  are also weakening the bees, reinfection made easy.

Because many farmers do not want to have the hassle with treating the bees and having to be careful because of residues in bee products, ill hives are burned.

The whole hive is plugged so no bee gets away, gasoline and..there you go ..

For big farmers it is cheaper to kill the complete hive off and buy a new one.

Many hives also die when the farmer miscalculates the ammount of honey which the bees need to survive the winter.
The bees starve because the farmer took too much of the so called overproduction...

But what about bees beeing needed for pollination?
Without bees no fruits and such stuff..?

There are 20.000 fucking bee species on this planet!

The honey bee is only one of them and this species is hyped as the master blaster because humans get wax and honey from them.

And not only bees pollinate, there are also butterflies, bumble bees, flies, even mammaels!

Honey bees are bad pollinatores compared to other insects.
But because they act as a whole hive and plundering everything in sight, they can pollinate farmed fruits and vegetables very well.

In reality honey bees are also  the reason why rare insects and plants die out.

Many rare plants need their special pollinator..only one species of insects can successfully pollinate them.

But like a swarm of locusts, the honey bees graze away all the food and the pollinatores starve while the rare plant blooms only on a special time while the pollinator feeds on other plants.

Honey bees can graze over miles and empty off all food sources for wild insects.

Rare insects may starve, or catch an illness from the health impaires, malnutritioned honey bees.

It even goes so far that honey bees take the nectar from rare plants and leave nothing for their special pollinatore while failing to pollinate the plant.

If the honey bees would die out, nature would not care, there are thousands of other pollinatores who would do a better job.

The hype with "We all die when there are no honey bees" is man made hystery, but no wonder when humans kill of all pollinatores with insecticides sprayed generously on the fields.

Honey bees are  not longer the natural, wild species they once were.

They are a breed, engineered species just like the holstein cow is not an Ur and can not go back to bee-ing one.

The european honey bee is now imported all over the world and just like farm breed cows, endangering the polinatores that are native to those countries.
There are eight honey bee species who build up a hive like the european honey bee, but none of them are used widely like this one.

The bee industry is worth circa 200 billion  dollars.

It is a industry just like dairy farming

Honey bees may pollinate the farmed plant species, but many wild plants and the pollinatores who need those to live, suffer because of bee farming.

The want of special honey that is only produced by some wild bees, takes said wild honey bee species to near extinction because the collectors destroy the hive to take all the honey away.

One might argue that it isn´t so bad and bees have not the ability to suffer like cows and so on..

Still it is an industry that thrives on abuse and mistreatment of animals, endagering wild life.

Honey bees are as unneccessary as Holstein cows in the Sahara and honey is not a magic juice that cures all your aliments.
It is just another way to make money for the greedy industry without having to keep an eye on mother nature.

Why keep nature intact for wild pollinatores when you have the honey bee?

Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

Dear Samhain....

It had been some centuries ago when the aera of zombies started.

No one clearly knows how it all began, no wonder if you know how zombies are, they are not the brightest match in the box. Mostly they care just about filling their bellies with tasty human meat.
If it concerns anything else, their mental capacity is quite lacking.

But there are some theories, most can be taken aside as nonsense.

Like the one about humans multiplied so much that they started cannibalism again and somehow a part of humanity turned into zombity.
Or that it was the next step of evolution...
Or that human was the only animal on the planet that had no natural predator who really could control their numbers, so evolution/mother nature/god invented the zombies to do a cleaning swipe...

Well we will never know what exactly happened.

But it is astounding how big a society can grow with the brain standard of a zombie.

Zombie history tells how it was in the roaming humans everywhere, billions of them frolicking in the pasture, in cities, in the oceans and the mountains.

Humans really were everywhere and when you wanted a snack you just could hunt one down.
At first eating humans still was a dangerous business because humans were agressive, fiercy creatures and they were very high in numbers, higher than zombies, naturally.

But thanks to evolution and the survival of the species,zombies used their mindless brain for the only thing they cared for...very efficiently..brains.

All that brain eating and the healthy cholesterol and saturated fats they got from their food, seems to have had at least a bit of an impact on the mind of the zombies.
Or it was the couple of scientists that underwent zombification that had something to do with it..who knows, no one..and zombies aren´t really that interested in history..or other stuff.

Just food and stuff..stuff concerning food.

So zombies started to work together in groups, not just as brainless, braineating mass..maybe eating the brains of the zombies to be, had been the problems with the low intelligence...

But then something changed and  zombies started working together, really working together, hunting in packs, using traps and weapons and the internet, luring their prey to dates, to parties, underground discos and such things..

All was well for a while, the zombies could eat well and it seemed some of them gained more brain than others and ...

They needed the brain in the end, because the numbers of humans dwindled.
For some time the zombies helped themselves to the billions of farmed animals, but humans were the most tasty animal, unfortunately...a wild species, not a domestic one...and one with a real bad reproduction rate.

Hunger is quite a driving force, especially for zombies.

And ...factory farming really was an to get enough food, zombies got more intelligent, not by much, mind you.

It was hard on the food driven mind to spare the tasty morsels and not take a bite or two out of them.
Yes, zombies evolved and only turned some people on purpose, the most intelligent of them...they could smell that you know...

And with  the scientists turned zombie, it really made a jump, the evolution of zombie.

Genetical engineering was a human given gift, ironically to engineer humans ..not for their own gain, but for making better humans to feed zombies better.

And there was much work ahead for the zombies.

With all the hard work in the first century of zombiekind, some centuries later the zombies could enjoy the fruits of the hard labour of their forezombies.

Now it was hard for zombies to imagine that it was once really dangerous business to get human meat on the table, or that their ancestors ate like humans..with their face and teeth, uncivilised.

Nowadays it was so easy to get food. Sure you couldn´t walk around all day and moan, you had to work to get that meat, but it was much easier than in the beginnins.

It wasn´t just the lack of brain activity that made it hard for zombies to imagine that humans were once wild, dangerous beasts that killed millions their kind..and billions of their own kind, all that wasted, delicious meat.

Today you just walk into the supermarket and get what you desire...well, zombies still desired brain most, but brain was only a small percentage of a carcass and as such a delicacy.

But a nice rack of rips or a fleshy tight was also nice and everyone was satisfied, there was no hunger, for most.

The most controlled of zombies worked on the human farms, you couldn´t have the staff eating all your breeding material or the unripe offspring, really not..

Zombie scientists hadn´t had a hard time to engineer humans to their liking..and they could eat all the failures..delish.

Because human scientists already had made an effort to decode human gens and what was influenced by which gens, the zombies just had to try and pick a bit before they started to perfect humankind.

Humans turned fertil earlier and earlier..that wasn´t really hard.
They also knocked out some gens concerning the controll of hunger, or the gen that controlled the growth of muscles.
The belgians were the first where they had a stable number of individuals that could be breed with more muscle mass..more muscles meant more meat.

Oh they are real beauties..muscles over muscles, nearly no fat, unfortunally.
Fortunally all that bulging muscles made it hard for the humans to move or all those muscles could have been a danger to zombies.
But those moving mountain of muscles could do barely more than stomp slowly around.
The muscles grew without working the humans out, a big plus because you needed less space to keep them and because the gen for muscles growth control was knocked out, they even needed less food than  the average human to grow.

You know why zombies craved brain so much? Because of the tasty, healthy cholesterol.
Brain is 90% cholesterol, zombies need that...really need that, they crave it.
Unfortunally the muscle mammoths were too lean to be a staple food.

So there came the next breed of humans, the one that was always hungry..luckily the genetic disposition that made them always hungry also made it so, that they needed even less food than the muscle mammoths to grow.
Their body just stored fat en mass and with a little snip there and a bit more here, their bodies were manipulated into producing even more healthy, delicious saturated fat and cholesterol.

For humans that was bad...all the muscles, or that fat and high cholesterol levels took their health down, but that wasn´t a concern, humans barely lived beyond 20 years and that was a real old human, so they thankfully died healthy and young and not suffered from old age and the aliments that came with it.

And they had all the food they could have want..and sunlight, because sunlight was important.
Thankfully humans were a herbivore species, otherwise feeding all the billions of humans would have been a real hassle.

Zombies lowered the breeding age from the average 14 years down to 10.
Multible births were normal. In the beginning they had to harvest egg cells and fertilize them and clone them so they could meet their needs for more humans, but soon they had solved that too.

Sure, there was still cloned meat on the market, but only from cloned offspring that had reproduced.
Cloned humans were too precious to just eat them because they still engineered humans to be better than before.

So now there were the queens, females with modified bodies that carried at least 4 young.
They still belonged to the fat breed of humans, but all the child bearing and raising them took a lot of calories and bodyfat so they were much leaner and could be inseminated succesfully.

Breeding them so early also helped, when they were still leaner.
To get more teets also wasn´t too hard, it was quite easy because it was still in the genetic make up of humans.

The better breeding mares had up to 12 sucklings. Unfortunally they couldn´t get more than 8 teets on a human female, so they arranged some sucklings to other breeding mares with less offspring.

Nursing them as long as possible surely would have been best for the growth of the offspring.
But it also hindered the fertility of the mares.

Luckily male humans also had teets and with a hormon cocktail and some training sucktion by machines, they could milk the males too and wean the sucklings from their mothers, feeding them with the dairy from the males.

Unfortunately most males weren´t good with the sucklings directly taking the milk, so they had to be in a harness and milked and the milk went into a system of pipes and tanks so the sucklings could get milk  from artificial teets in the nursing station.

Meat humans were harvested at the age of 10 years, but the ones who delivered all the tasty fat lived longer and were good dairy humans.
This is how zombies got a taste for dairy and also took on drinking it for the extra cholesterol and was easier to harvest than the meat and satisfied some cravings.

What is good for sucklings, can´t be bad for zombies.

The cholesterol humans were harvested with a maximum of 15 years and started producing dairy at 10.

The ones who weren´t needed for producing young or for feeding them, were slaughtered earlier because their meat was tastier so young.

The muscle  mammoth females were not usefull for breeding unfortunately.
They grew as fast as their male counterpart and all those muscles limited the space for the offspring and also made a cesarian a necessarity. Quite a hassle for one young.

So some muscle females and males were kept as breeding stock, to harvest sperm and eggs and fertilize and split the cell mass to get more embryos.
The others were eaten, only the best stock was kept for their genetic material. At least for a while, until they were beyong their prime at 20.

The fertilised eggs were planted into the breeding mares, they also had been modified enough to even birth the overmuscled, very big offspring without any operation.

But those were not the only humanbreeds.

Believe it or not, some zombies took on pets.
Dwarf humans with and without fur were da bomb..and the most long lived in the dwarf breed you had different colours..but you also got them with modifications.
Because humans still had the urge to run away or sometimes fight against their owners.
And it made them more happy and healthy to have some parts cut off.
Humans without hands and feet were slower and more docile..and happy, less agressive.

Sure, the scientists had been able to decode the sequence for a more docile behaviour and less agression, but humans were still animals and could only be engineered to a certain level.

With the breeding mares and the smaller offspring even more sucklings could be won from one breeding.
24 had been the highest number until now.

But you also could have the dwarfs  modified, like if you wanted to raise your own meat, or when your pet died you could harvest it...and let´s be fair..a pet that lives too long is boring. Who wants the same pet every day for years?
So most dwarf cross breeds didn´t live longer than their big counterpart and made a nice family zombie-holiday dinner...
Most zombies didn´t want the long lived variety, but some did still because they said they tasted better than their fast grown counterpart.

Funny how a zombie society could evolve, but that was it, evolution.
There was even a vegan zombie movement where they spouted some crap about humans and their intelligence and feelings and the right to be treated well.

It was a quite short lived movement that died out after half a century when all the vegan zombies died off.
Unfortunately, cholesterol was an essential nutrient together with the other good stuff in meat like taurin and B12.
Zombies never evolved to produce their own cholesterol, this is why they were so crazy about brains. They needed it from their outside source.

And so there was never a chance for humans to live a humane life again, other than what zombies deemed humane.

The end?~


Something that went through my mind...full moon and such.

Oh before I forget it, I will sort through the blog and tear some stuff down I am no longer satisfied with and recreate it, so don´t you wonder  where the material went.

But if you want some old stuff, just ask me.

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Feminists and cows

Feminists dislike prejudices and degrading speech, but they carry it too <-link

Feminists are angry when you compare their plight to the plight of cows...

The reasons are the same why men are angry when you compare them to women or put 'female' attributes onto them.

For sexist cis men it is the worst to be compared to women because they see women as weak, dumb, inferior and below themselves.
No one wants to be taken down from the pedestal they have put themselves up.

To those feminists, cows are the same as women are to sexist cis men.

They think cows are dumb, weak, inferior and below them and can be used for their gain, when in reality cows have an intelligence of their own we as humans have not and can never really 'get', they are wonderfull mothers, cows love their family and will remember every one of them for their whole life.
They will defend their loved ones with their life, they feel pain, they suffer.

They have the fear that "Equating cows to humans is insulting and dehumanizing"
Just like cis sexist men have the fear that "Equating women to men is insulting and dehumanizing."

So why is it insulting to be compared to a cow?

Because like sexist cis men they have the image of someone dumb, inferior, worthless..and they don´t want to be compared with someone who is dumb and worthless in their eyes.

In reality both women and cows are wonderful beeings and as a non-woman or a non-cow we can never really know them in and out, their fears, their pains, their spirit...we can only try to imagine and choose to see the obvious.
Like a cow fleeing from the slaughterhouse, swimming through a river and evading capture for months.
Like a cow breaking out of a dairy farm and walking for days, reaching a farm sanctuary where she births her boy to save him from beeing taken from her.
Like a cow trying to break free from the chain around her neck, crying in panic when her  mother is beaten onto the slaughterhouse truck.

It is obvious they feel the same pains as we do.

Neither are dumb or worthless, they can be wonderful mothers, fiercy defenders, strong willed, strong headed and they are misunderstood, ridiculed, abused.

We humans love  to put 'A dogs love, the good mother cat, the intelligent parrot ' and other attributes on animals and see them as better as the animals we abuse regularly, see them more human like.
Because we need a reason why we care for one and abuse the other, therefor one must be better than the other.

And than there is the dumb sheep, cow, the dirty pig, the stupid bitch(isn´t it strange, once praised for loyality and motherlove and the next moment a stupid bitch? ) when in reality the have just as much love, intelligence and care for their young just like cats, dogs and parrots.

It is insulting to be called a cow(or a bitch), because we love our prejudices, we need something to hate, something to see as worthless and below us.

We see to be called a cow, a bitch, a dog, a sheep as insulting because we want it to be insulting.

WE allow others to be called worthless and this is why WE  feel beeing dehumanized and insulted when compared to THEM.

You give others fuel, power over you when you keep prejudices yourself.

Around 1500 it was quite insulting for men to be compares to women and for white women it was insulting to be compared to non white women...non white women were animals.
Non white humans were as worthless, soulless, stupid and to be abused like animals, they were seen as animals and therefor it was an insult to be compared with a non white woman.

Oh, or beeing called a big insult because gay people are dumb, are a danger to little boys, are less human than straight men....or not?

Why is fag an insult, because we want it to be an insult.

Be proud to be gay and you take their fuel away, say.."Yeah I am a fag, so what is wrong with that? I am just as much human as you but I guess I am much less hatefull and prejudiced than you and that is something good" (but I guess that may be too many words for some gayhaters *winkwink*)

Why is cow/bitch an insult?

Not because cows or bitches are dumb or worthless, because they are not, but than even dogs are called dumb and worthless in one breath and in the other breath they are humans best friends...strange much?

Stop seeing others as inferior and worthless, and there is no way to insult you.

Are children dumb and worthless? Than why is beeing childish an insult?

Is it wrong to have feelings, to care for others? Than why is beeing a whiny bitch bad and to man up good?

Do you think cows hurt less than human women, when abused?
Yeah some men may think women have fun beeing raped or it is no big deal..wrong!

When you put your bodypart in an orifice where it doesnt belong and impregnate a female and than take the child away after birth to kill it, is there a difference if a human mother is screaming for her child, or a cow is screaming day and night for her child?

Cows have no human speech, but than there are also human women who have no ability to talk, are they inferior to women who can speak? Some think that and 100years ago many people thought that.

Can we say that cows, dogs or horses suffer less because they have too much hair and not the same abilities we have?

How can we not be sure that a cow or horse also hates it to be stuffed with a human arm, to be impregnated and have the child taken away when normally they stay together as family for their whole life and only part either willingly or through death.

But yes, we can not really compare the life of a human female to a cow.
At least not in most countries.

But just like cows are body-modified against their will, are chained, fenced, raped, impregnated and their children taken away, there are human females who are taken into slavery, are body modified for the comfort of others, have things stuffed into them they do not want, are impregnated and the kids taken either away and sold, or are taking the place of their mothers..or are killed.

And if you think that cows have no problems with having stuffed a human arm down their private parts, you have never worked on a dairy farm.

If they don´t hold still they are chained and forced to take it and if they are no longer usefull they are killed.

Just like in some countries it happens to human females.

I think those alien fantasy horror stories with kidnapped humans that are experimented on and the women who are forcefully impregnated by the aliens  is just a projection of the subconcussioness mind, because  we know it is wrong how we treat and 'dehumanize' other beeings into inferior lifeforms..

...and we fear it will be done to us by some superior race that will use us as they please...because compared to them we are dumb and worthless.

In our fantasy stories about mighty powerfull and intelligent aliens we project our fear that someone will do to us what we do to other lifeforms.

It is not an insult to be called a cow, just like it is not an insult to be called a woman.

But it is mighty insulting  to keep prejudices and degrade other beeings who have done nothing to us.
Especially when the same thing happens to you and you fight against those prejudices and want to be better than the masses of misinformed, abusive people.

Now repeat:

White Women are not dumb.
Coloured women are not dumb.
Disabled women are not dumb
Cows are not dumb.

White women are not worthless.
Coloured women are not worthless.
Disabled women are not worthless.
Cows are not worthless.

White women are not inferior in their feelings.
 Coloured women are not inferior in their feelings.
 Disabled women are not inferior in their feelings.
Cows are not inferior in their feelings.

When you hit white women, it hurts them.
When you hit coloured women, it hurts them.
When you hit disabled women, it hurts them.
When you hit cows, it hurts them.

When you rip away a baby from a white mother, that is cruel.
 When you rip away a baby from a coloured mother, that is cruel.
 When you rip away a baby from a disabled mother, that is cruel.
When you rip away a baby cow from a cow mother, that is cruel.

White mothers love their children.
Coloured mothers love their children.
Disabled mothers love their children.
Cow mothers love their children.

White mothers are fiercely protective of their offspring.
 Coloured mothers are fiercely protective of their offspring.
 Disabled mothers are fiercely protective of their offspring.
Cow mothers are fiercely protective of their offspring.

I am a feminist for all women, not just human ones.

If you allow others to be ridiculed and said to be inferior to someone, you are automatically opening the door for you to be called inferior and be ridiculed.

Don´t put onto others what you do not want to be put onto you.

There is nothing wrong with beeing a woman.
There is nothing wrong with beeing a cow.

It is not an insult to be compared to a woman.
It is not an insult to be called a cow.

Just because cows can not use a computer or speak our language doesn´t mean they are stupid.

It is wrong to shove your arm, d*ck or other bodypart into someone who hasn´t given consent.

Once there was a time where it was unthinkable to say that non-white people have the same feelings and emotions as white people.

We know from history how much those people who spoke up were insulted, ridiculed, hated by those who felt insulted to be compared to an inferior beeing.

Now it is my time to speak up and to be ridiculed by those who cling to their prejudices.

Rape is wrong, no matter the species.
Rape hurts everyone equall.
Prejudices hurt everyone equal.

 Or does any feminist believe that just because you have no bleeding wounds that a woman is less hurt by a rape than a woman who was hit or cut? Or because it was a small d*ck a rape is less of a crime as if a woman was raped by someone with a big d*ck?

Why should a woman feel more or less ashamed because she was more or less hurt or there was more or less of d*ck?

Why should be abuse of a non human female be less bad than the abuse of a human female?

Stop prejudices and making other feeling beeings inferior, dehumanizing is made by prejudices.

I am a dog,
I am a pig,
I am a bitch ,
I am a cow.

I am loyal,
I am intelligent,
I am good with kids,
I am docile when you are nice to me, but I kick your butt when you abuse me.

To be called a cow is just as degrading and dehumanizing as to be called a woman-stop prejudices.

                                Feminist for all females

I know that many do not want to understand it, mostly because they have had pounded into them that it is ok to abuse, ridicule other beeings who are different to us and that it is an insult to be compared to them.

But I guess most will rant and rave and scream abuse at me because they know that it is true, that they also abuse and they fear it..they fear to say yes, to see their prejudices and change their thinking.
They fear the light at the end of the tunnel because they fear it might be hellfire instead of en-light-ment.

People hate to be remindend of their own faults and shortcomings and societys false teachings they saw as unwavering truth.

Either you are against all prejudices, or you will be insulted by the truth.

Call me pig, dog or cow..I see it as an compliment.

Womenpic from this site

The article bares food for thougt  but why shouldn´t women have their own space, don´t get it.
Everyone wants a space where one can be oneself  and those are advertised also, there is nothing wrong with it. And no, that doesn´t weaken people or a movement of theirs.

Dienstag, 11. September 2012

Oh goy...

..time flies by when you amuse yourself, or are busy.

Maybe I tell you what I have been up to, maybe not.

Sorry to all who missed me and worried and a big "HAW HAW" to all those who were happy that I wasn´t there.

There is some serious s**t going on at the time in good ol' germany, and I am part of it, more or less.

I think I will take other thematics up into the logic blog  also....I am sure it will p*ss of so many more people royally...

Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Just some fun....

...and some offending

Check Jesus and Mo out...simply good.

And now up to the offending

I am

So I got a message from a friend that now you can find me on google  because some special people are talking about me how I get on their nerves(well we all know you can have nerves and do not need a brain ;)  )

It is amazing how people can be proud about showing off that they don´t posess humanity/emphaty or other important things  that are normally part of a social animal.

But on the other side you could also feel sad for them...and with those peoples, the mayority of the human race, we are all doomed.

And how they love to twist words and don´t seem to be able to use logic or google when it doesn´t fit with their beliefs.

I would give you the link, but I think we all know  already enough of those sad examples of inhumankind..but if you like, google them.

Bet you find them if you want ;)  Have fun.

Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

I really have it with F***book

So my profile was deactivated because of 'security' reasons and I had to prove I am me and to  identify friends..done that...

Than they wanted me to add a phonenumber  so they could send my activation code to my mobile

Uh what...I don´t have a mobile, I never added a mobile phonenumber..dead point. No chance to explain that to anyone...

So my profile was lost to me...I did what thousands of other people do...made a new one...5 minutes with my new profile and just wanted to start adding my old friends I was logged out and got a message that someone reported my profile as fake...

Ahm...FB is acting fast, isn´t it?  Just as hilarious as identifying friends when I had not enough to fill the empty spots for this 'test'(third lost profile,or was it fourth? No, between third and fourth profile that was), or sending me a sms to my non-existing mobile.

If FB would act with all user as they do with me and other animal activists, FB would soon be off the market.

Why don´t they report and warn and subject all the drunks/drug takers and beeing proud about it, animal abusers, pedophiles and hatemongers on FB to that treatment?

Oh I guess ...seems 'normal' people are the odd ones here  and are 'dangerous' to the society of facebookia.